Forthcoming 2018: Banaji, Paige, Lisa Blankenship, Katherine DeLuca, Lauren Obermark, and Ryan Omizo, Eds. “The Rhetoric of Participation: Interrogating Commonplaces in and Beyond the Classroom.” Computers and Composition Digital Press / Utah State University Press.

In progress: “Changing the Subject: A Theory of Rhetorical Empathy.” Monograph exploring empathy as a rhetorical concept and a way for writers and rhetors to engage across marked social differences in an era of polarization.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Boyle, Casey, Stephanie Vie, Laura Micciche, Melanie Yergeau, Janine Morris, Caroline Dadas, Christian Smith, and Lisa Blankenship. “E. Pluribus Plures: DMAC and its Keywords.” Computers and Composition (36) 2015: 1-15.

Blankenship, Lisa. “Rhetorical Empathy in Dustin Lance Black’s 8: A Play on (Marriage) Words.” Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society 3.1 (Spring 2013).

Forthcoming: Blankenship, Lisa. “From U.S. Progressive Era Speeches to Transnational Social Media Activism: Rhetorical Empathy in Jane Addams’s Labor Rhetoric and Joyce Fernandes’s #EuEmpregadaDoméstica (‘I, Housemaid’).” In “Feminist Connections: Rhetorical Strategies from the Suffragists to the Cyberfeminists.” Katherine Fredlund, Kerri Hauman, and Jessica Ouellette, Eds.

Image: “Gertrude Stein,” by Katie Wilson, used by permission under Creative Commons licensing

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